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Books By J.F. Lawrence

I, Nano appeals to those who enjoyed The Darkest Minds and X-Men.

After nuclear Armageddon, the low-caste masses live in a digital utopia while their bodies starve, kept alive and complacent by nano-bots and AI implants. Mazz’s AI glitches, making him highly unpopular at high school. Accidents follow him wherever he goes. It turns out that his glitchy AI causes nano-bots to misbehave around him.

Can Mazz learn to control his abilities before a group of warriors hunts him down?

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Dystopian Superpowers
After the fall of Camp Astrid, Mazz’s paranoia over the safety of his fellow nanite-powered community turns out not to be paranoid at all. The Chosen are systematically hunting down his kind on behalf of the highest caste of society, the cabal who keep the rest in line. Having transcended from the lowest cast to one of the most powerful nanos alive, he must decide whether to join resistance fighters in their battle for equality and the safety of nanos.

While powerful, Mazz still struggles to control his often backfiring abilities. The question is, can he tame his nano-skills in time to save his people?
Join or Resist
Day After Infinity appeals to those who enjoyed We Are Legion, We Are Bob and Expeditionary Force.
Meaning of Self
Ryan Char has already treated himself like the Ship of Theseus, splitting himself into multiple copies over and over while trying to retain what makes him Ryan. He has spread out through our region of space, trying to destroy, or at least slow down, the psychopath AI, who wants to end all intelligent life in the galaxy, a manmade scurge.

If you thought Ryan spread himself thin before, you're in for a treat.
Does Self End
A fast-paced apocalyptic novel with a flair of Michael Crichton.

Terrance Mathison, a veteran turned bioengineer, returns from a camping trip to find that a widespread pathogen is quickly rusting important metals once they’re touched. Amid the crumbling downfall of our technological society, he assembles a team of super-nerds and elite soldiers to find and secure a lab in hopes of developing a cure. As cities collapse and food supplies dwindle, Mathison and his team navigate an increasingly savage world. He has to decide what lengths he will go to for a cure.

Lawrence’s novel asks the question, “How do we survive without metals?”

METAL may appeal to those who enjoyed the Arisen Series and Jurassic Park.

Scientific Grounding: For this project, the author learned from experts in the rapidly growing fields of microbially induced corrosion, biohacking, bioengineering, and infectious diseases. While METAL was vetted by spec-ops veterans, some liberties were taken because of the backdrop of rusting.
Everything Rusts
Follow Savvi, an idiot genis with a misspent youth, and a propensity for getting in and out of trouble, as he navigates Memorial Day. No. Not that Memorial Day. The day when billions died because an alien ship blew up and the remnants rained down on Earth, forever changing humanity's view of itself and its place in the galaxy.
Dystopian Superpowers


Growing up, I was a storyteller through D&D, drawing, painting, sculpting, and more.


As a Ph.D. student, and then as a professor at Stanford, I studied geophysics and wrote technical papers about the Earth.​

As an entrepreneur, I learned how to write with empathy, and to cater my words for the people they were intended for.

When I became chronically ill in 2018, I began writing science fiction as an outlet for my creativity and as an escape from my body.

Recent Short Reads
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Ph.D. Student

Stanford Professor


Antarctic Researcher



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World Traveler

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