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Review: We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

"We Are Legion (We Are Bob)" is an excellent sci-fi novel that is sure to capture the hearts of both fans of the genre and newcomers alike. The author, Dennis E. Taylor, has created an incredibly detailed and engaging world full of robots, aliens, and intergalactic adventures. If you're looking for a fun and engaging read that's packed with humor, this is the book for you.

Review of We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

The novel follows the story of Bob, a man who is uploaded into a computer matrix, and his journey to other stars. Bob’s purpose is to find new planets and claim them for a theocracy named FAITH. To do this, he must replicate himself so that one Bob can reach one star, then more stars, and more stars as each generation copies themselves. While writing about such von Neumann probes isn’t unique to the “Bobiverse” Taylor’s handling of it is perhaps the best implementation I’ve read.

Things quickly get complicated when Bob starts to evolve beyond the control of his human creators, he can choose his own destiny and is able to deal with the craziness that he confronts. There are many unique details that I don’t want to spoil.

The world-building in this book is truly impressive. The author has created a rich and detailed universe filled with advanced technology, intelligent life, and political intrigue. The concept of the von Neumann probes is fascinating, and it provides the backdrop for an exciting and thought-provoking story.

This is a hard science book, not a fancy space opera. If you’re looking for stunning imagery like Hell Divers or Red Rising, this isn’t the book for you. But, if you’re prepared to have your brain tickled with cool thoughts and delighted by a range of humorous feelings, this is your jam.

I highly recommend listening to Ray Porter’s narration. He does a great job of bringing out The Bobs’ sense of humor, which can range from dry, to nerdy, to sarcastic, and back again. His performance is spot on. I couldn’t imagine reading it without his voice in my head.

Overall, I emphatically give "We Are Legion (We Are Bob)" five stars.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Story

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Narration

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Overall

Caviatte: because WALWAB is focused on all the Bobs, there aren’t many female characters.


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