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Indie Publishing: Author Page on Wix

Fellow "worders", poets, and authority types, I’m here to guide you through creating your very own author's webpage using Wix, which is the best/easiest site builder I’ve found (No affiliation). This isn’t an extensive how-to guide, but it will get you headed toward a quick site.

Self-Publishing: Author Page on Wix

In my last post, I covered some of the basics, like why you might want an author page and a few overview things to keep in mind while preparing to build your site. It isn’t necessary, but recommended reading. So, I’ll skip over that stuff and get to the how-to.


Navigate to the

  • Click on "Get Started."

  • Sign up for a Wix account by providing your email and creating a password.

  • Verify your email address in your email.

  • I recommend connecting with Google (for complicated reasons).


After signing up, It should start an AI Chat to get started.

(If it doesn’t load, click here.)

Click “Start Chat” to get going and answer the questions. My answers are in gray

  • First, what do you want to call your site? Author J.F. Lawrence

  • Now, what kind of business do you have as an author? I'm an author.

  • As an author, what genre do you primarily write in? Sci-Fi

  • Can you provide a general description of your books or writing style? I write space operas, dystopian novels, and apocalyptic stories. I weave in humor and science wherever I can.

  • Do you have a specific location or general region where your stories are set? Outer space.

  • Is there any specific element or theme that sets your books apart from others in the sci-fi genre? Humor and science

  • Do you have a specific selling point or unique aspect of your books that you'd like to highlight on your website? No

  • Is there any additional information about your business that you'd like to share before we move on? No

Click on Go to Dashboard to see what it made for you.

Skip connecting a custom domain for now and go directly to Design Site.


For your first time, I recommend letting Wix create a site for you. There is plenty of time to get fancy and choose custom templates.


  • Add a logo if you have one (not necessary)

  • Name: Anything you want. I used J.F. Lawrence Books

  • I leave the address, email, and phone number blank. Best not to share this publicly.

  • Social links: I added FB, Insta, and Twitter


Don’t worry too much about the color or font. These can be changed later. What you’re going for is the general vibe. Do you want something regal or edgy? Bold or subtle? I’ll go with Spark.


Your design options will probably look different from the ones it offered me, but think about what you like most. You can change themes and designs later. If this is your first time, imagine this as a trial run, so there are no bad choices.

I chose the right option because I like having a smaller navigation bar at the top and it’s an uncluttered design.


Only select the pages you really think you want to use. To start with, I recommend two pages, “My Work” and “About” because it will automatically create your “Home” page. I find the forms annoying unless you absolutely need them. We can add a signup in the next tutorial.


Way to go! You have a site. Let’s go check it out by selecting Go to Editor.


The page is now set up. You’ll get something like the following. Now you’re ready to start customizing it. Change the name or the tagline. Change the background image.

The buttons along the left side will help you adjust the page. You can add things like text and images by selecting the (+) button. The next one down allows you to add new sections. Next, the page button lets you switch between your home page, your works page, and your About page. The A/droplet helps you adjust the fonts and color scheme. It’s great to just tool around and get acquainted with Wix.


You successfully launched your author's page! Your digital sanctuary is now ready to welcome readers, fellow authors, and literary enthusiasts. As you continue your journey, remember to update your site regularly, engage with your audience through the blog, and adapt the content to reflect your evolving authorial identity.


As always, I appreciate your support of indie authors. In the name of putting myself out there, here are a few of my works.

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