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Release Day: Day After Infinity

The release of Day After Infinity has finally arrived and it's an emotional day for me. Not only did writing DAI grant me escape during the hardest times of my chronic illness, it also set me along a new career path, a path I can follow no matter how challenging my illness makes my life.

Release Day: Day After Infinity

The first versions weren't fit for the general public. While I've told stories my entire life, I never tried something so challenging as a full-length novel before. I had a story to tell, but none of the skills I needed in order to tell it. It took writing another book, I, NANO, to gain the skills I needed to finish Day After Infinity.

“J.F. Lawrence's darkly humorous novel pokes at the question, What is the meaning of self?” -A. Dombard

DAY AFTER INFINITY appeals to those who enjoyed We Are Legion, We Are Bob and Expeditionary Force.

In an age when technology has vanquished natural death, Ryan and his sardonic AI implant are recruited at the last minute to board the first colony ship to Tau Ceti. As the lowest-ranked crewmember, he expects to cryogenically freeze right away, but the captain has other plans.

Ryan begins a training program for rare individuals who heal much faster than normal, a program that teaches him to survive every possible scenario that Murphy’s Law can deliver.

Murphy delivers big time.

"The snarky banter and fast-paced action kept me up reading way too late." -J. Atadobe

Spoiler Alert:

When they encounter a self-replicating artificial intelligence that seeks to spread out and extinguish life throughout the galaxy, Ryan must clone into many copies and race into the stars to defeat the AI replicants.

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As always, I appreciate your support of self-publishing and indie authors. In the name of putting myself out there, here are a few of my works.


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