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Technology: Nanotech Destroys Tumor

Science fiction has arrived early. Nanotechnology could provide a breakthrough treatment for killing or preventing tumors, a major hurdle for those who want to live artificially long lives.

Perspective: Nanotech Destroys Tumor

In a new development described in Nature Nanotechnology, a group of researchers formulated a vaccine that achieved complete clearance of solid tumors and prevented tumor relapse. This was proven through the application of this vaccine on melanoma tumor models.

The ASPIRE vaccine system develops the body's immune responses to these bodies in ways that other treatments fail to do.

Professor Chen stated, "We are excited at this platform technology's potential for further application in other diseases as well, such as chronic viral infection." Next, the team hopes to establish a way to scale the vaccine, a major hurdle in any medical development.

The innovation should have a hugely important impact on patients and their outlook as medically extended lifespans continue to grow longer. The implications of defeating a major branch of cancers is a step closer to artificially extended lives, the domain of science fiction until now.

The use of nanotechnology to push back death may result in major upheavals in the way we think about our present and future.

  • How will extended lives affect overpopulation?

  • How will retirement change?

  • Will the poor receive this treatment?

  • Will extended lives result in happier lives?

I don't know about you, but I welcome the challenges these questions present.


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