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Review: The Spaceship in the Stone

I often recommend books and avoid writing meh reviews, but I rarely HIGHLY recommend books. This is one of the few. The "The Spaceship in the Stone" by Igor Nikolic takes you on a killer ride through a tale of very human sci-fi that you can’t help but love. From a disabled veteran seeking solace to a turnkey technology unlocking the ultimate frontier, this novel is wonderful from start to finish.

The Spaceship in the Stone


Michael Freeman, our everyday protagonist, is a character of depth and resilience, having been injured as a veteran. He has to evolve from an unemployed hermit into a leader because of what he discovers on his deceased Uncle’s property. The supporting cast is full of likable characters and well-crafted enemies that you enjoy loathing.

PLOT (No Spoilers)

One of the things I love about this book is that it doesn’t try to be too complex, yet it stuck to the inside of my head and made me want to be a better writer. It doesn’t rely on flowing prose or subtle intricacy to be great. Nikolic wrote the story as it needed to be written. He blends elements of suspense, technology, and a dash of old-fashioned heroism.


Some of the best Sci-Fi audiobooks come out of publishers, Podium Audio, and this one didn’t disappoint. The narration was gritty in all the right ways. James Patrick Cronin gives voice to an array of accents that put him in the excellent category. I put several more of his audibles on my “to-be-read” list.


While the journey was awesome, my only problem with it was that it felt a tad too short. For readers who appreciate a longer adventure, this may not be for you.


I think both Sci-Fi enthusiasts and Sci-Fi newbies will enjoy this one. It has a very human story that is easy to relate to. The narrative’s tech is balanced by the accessibility of the storyline, making it an engaging read for a wide audience.

As I stated before, I highly recommend it.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Story

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Narration

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Overall


Q1: Is this a “space opera” or something different?

A: It’s a terrestrial Sci-Fi with space elements. It doesn’t traipse all over the galaxy.

Q2: How does the AI add to the story?

A: The emotions of the AI play a strong role in the book, giving the main character a sort of mirror to compare himself to.

Q3: Does the story delve into the consequences of wielding advanced technology?

A: Absolutely. The novel explores the ramifications of possessing turnkey technology, and the protagonist grapples with the responsibilities that come with it.

Q4: Is there a sequel in the works?

A: Yup. Two in fact. I’ve read the second, and the third is on my to-be-read list.

Q5: What sets this book apart from other sci-fi novels?

A: It stands out with its unique blend of human-centric sci-fi tech with a relatable ground-pounder-to-hero storyline.


As always, I appreciate your support of self-publishing and indie authors. In the name of putting myself out there, here are a few of my works.


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